Land of Joy Team

Everyone helping to actualise Land of Joy is a volunteer. Once the Retreat Community is up and running it will depend on voluntary staff.

There are many personal benefits to volunteering to work with a project like Land of Joy. It is ethically positive and contributes towards a better world, helping many people in the short, medium and long term – including the volunteers!

As a volunteer, you would be working as pert of a team of positive individuals who have been inspired to bring Land of Joy into being. Each person has his or her own motivation, but in general, those working on the project wish to serve others in a profound and extensive way.

Because Land of Joy is a very long-term project, whatever energy is invested in helping it is a long-term investment, and putting energy into it now creates causes for long-term personal benefits as well.

If you wish to volunteer, please contact the project either by email (andy@landofjoy.co.uk) or by phone at 07706772365.