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And what is the treasure of generosity? There is the case of a disciple of the noble ones, his awareness cleansed of the stain of stinginess, living at home, freely generous, open-handed, delighting in being magnanimous, responsive to requests, delighting in the distribution of alms. This is called the treasure of generosity.
– The Buddha

Donations to Land of Joy

Donations to Land of Joy will enable a sacred, transformative place to be created for the benefit of all.

We can never obtain peace or environmental stability until we create peace within ourselves.
– His Holiness the Dalai Lama

By helping produce such an environment, you contribute to peace, joy and prosperity in the world.

Land of Joy’s success depends on your support

Your donation will support the benefits of retreat for yourself and others. We value every donation – whether large or small.

Many people are very busy with their family and many other things, and they don’t have time to experience or meditate on the lam-rim themselves, but they…can give other people the opportunity to practice.
– Lama Zopa Rinpoche

The vision of Land of Joy as a retreat centre and peaceful environment with a focus on sustainability and harmony is one that resonated with both my wife and me. We decided that this was an extremely worthwhile project and gave it a large part of our annual charity donation as we both feel that this is an essential part of investing in our future. I personally feel that Land of Joy is an instrument of positive change and movement towards tranquillity, which will counteract the ever-increasing busyness of our external and internal world.
– Anonymous donor

Even a penny donated by a beggar accumulates limitless merit.
– Lama Zopa Rinpoche

What your donation will provide

At Land of Joy there will be retreat facilities for groups and individuals, and eventually a community of ordained monks and nuns.

Thus your donation will enable the retreat centre to be established and provide the foundation for a spiritual community that will gradually mature and grow.

A vast shower of merit will pour down on a giver.
– The Buddha

Your donation helps in so many ways, for now and the future

We are a registered charity dedicated to creating a more compassionate and wise world through the transformative power of retreat.

In these end days, what greater gift could there be than to help give someone the chance to try and reach self-liberation by releasing them from the burden of difficult circumstances into the conducive peace of a retreat centre? These places are a treasure, so rare but so necessary on the arduous inner mountain path to ultimate happiness for all beings. They really are like the gates of paradise.
– Donor Susan Bacchus

Retreatants at Land of Joy will be able to contemplate and meditate in conditions designed to help them completely re-orient their lives.

Their retreat practice will enable them to generate:

  • Patience in place of anger
  • Generosity in place of greed
  • Compassion in place of selfishness
  • Wisdom in place of ignorance

Through this work our whole society will become slowly transformed by creating happier families, enlightened businesses and social institutions, and harmonious communities based on the inner transformation of individuals.

A Dharma centre which offers these practices is an extremely important need… It is a very important tool to bring peace in the world… so whatever you are able to contribute will be of benefit not only for the peace of this world, but for all sentient beings.
– Lama Zopa Rinpoche