Yamantaka Approximation Retreat with Fire Puja (March-April 2017)

18 March – 8 April 2017

 Retreat Leader: Ven Thubten Wangchuk


This retreat is almost fully booked. Names are also being taken for the waiting list

This retreat is open to anyone who has taken the Yamantaka initiation. It will enable one to complete the mantra count required for approximation to the deity, and to purify faults in the retreat and create auspicious causes for the future, through participation in a fire puja at the end of the retreat.

The length of the retreat allows ample time to complete the mantra count, even for those who re relatively slow. Those who are faster will have time to focus on additional samatha practice.

This will be the first approximation retreat held at Land of Joy. It is auspicious that it is a Yamantaka retreat, as this has the function of eliminating obstacles. Thus it is effective in preparing the ground for other deity practices.

The retreat is led by Ven Wangchuk, a Swiss monk who is well qualified to lead this retreat and give instructions on the practice. Guidance will be given on how to practise the sadhana.


Thubten Wangchouk2Thubten Wangchuk was born in 1957 in Geneva, Switzerland. He met the Buddha Dharma in 1979 through attending the one-month November course at Kopan monastery in Nepal. After participating in a few more Kopan November courses and several group retreats in India and Nepal, he received monastic ordination from Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche in 1985 and lived a few more years in the East before joining Nalanda monastery in France in the late eighties to study with Khen Rinpoche Jampa Thegchok and Geshe Tashi Tsering. He currently lives at Shedrub Choekhor Ling, a branch of Drepung Gomang monastery, on top of Mount Salève, overlooking Geneva.