Buddhism in a Nutshell (April)

 14th-16th April

Retreat Leader: Steff Hill

This retreat led by Steff Hill offers you a gentle introduction to buddhism in the Tibetan tradition. Whether or not you already know something about buddhism, the retreat will enable you to reflect on how to improve your life and purpose.

Buddhism in a Nutshell is a well-structured FPMT Introductory programme, incorporating opportunities for group discussions and individual inner reflections on our spiritual inclinations and interests.

The retreat will encourage you to ponder your motivations for becoming a better person as well as buddhism as a spiritual tradition. This is more a means for personal transformation than an intellectual study.

The retreat begins with dinner on Friday evening and ends with Sunday lunch. Everyone is welcome.

About Steff
Steff_HillSteff Hill first discovered Tibetan Buddhism at Kopan in the early 1990s where she sought advice and guidance from Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, who she holds as being one of her root gurus.She is a long-standing student and practitioner at Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London, where she is well known for her devotion and faith as well as for her preliminary practices. She is a registered FPMT teacher at Foundation level, and is currently studying the FPMT Basic Buddhist programme at Jamyang London.