A Bodhichitta Retreat with Geshe Dorje Damdul (May)

17th – 27th May

Retreat Leader: Geshe Dorje Damdul

Bodhichitta is a concept at the very heart of the Buddha’s teachings. Without this aspiration to stop the suffering of every single sentient being (including ourselves) we cannot reach enlightenment. The aim of the Bodhichitta Retreat is to lay a solid foundation of knowledge while leading practitioners towards a stable realisation of the Buddhas teachings.

The Bodhicitta Retreat, along with instructions for subsequent daily practice, is envisioned as a program of continuing evolution towards the realisation of bodhicitta and the wisdom that understands emptiness.  The journey to enlightenment necessitates the realisation of emptiness and the awakening of bodhicitta, i.e. the altruistic wish to attain enlightenment for the sake of all sentient beings, which is grounded in great compassion and loving kindness towards all sentient beings. Therefore, equal focus is given to learning about and meditating on emptiness as well as the practice of the two meditative techniques which give rise to this altruistic wish. i.e the seven fold cause and effect method and the exchanging self for others technique.

As this is an on-going program, the retreatants are also instructed on how to apply the teachings in daily life and continue the practices upon returning to their busy schedules. The retreat prayer book, detailed guidelines and advice given by Ven. Geshe Dorji Damdul during retreat, as well as the materials and instructions on setting up ones own alter, are all very helpful in providing a format to help gain an enriching daily practice.

It is extremely rare for Geshe La to teach in the UK so come and make the most of this special opportunity. The retreat can be attended by anyone interested in Buddhist philosophy and practice.

Whether you’re an older student looking to deepen your knowledge, or a practitioner wanting to connect intelligence with your heart. New students are encouraged to attend and ask questions while older students are encouraged share their experience and insights. An open mind and desire to learn and experiment are the only criteria required.

Please note: Geshe La’s travel arrangements are not fully confirmed so all information is currently provisional. We will make an announcement once arrangements are finalised.

You can still book via the link below to ensure your place on the retreat.

About Geshe Dorje Damdul

Geshe Dorje Damdul is the current director at Tibet House in New Delhi, the cultural centre of His Holiness the Dalai Lama and the official translator for His Holiness. Geshe la finished his Geshe Lharampa Degree in 2002 after 15 years of study at the Institute of Buddhist Dialectics before spending time studying English at Cambridge University.

Geshe la now provides teachings through the activities of his organisation, Bodhiwisdom, including his signature ten day Bodhichitta Retreat. He has a highly inspiring teaching style which covers complex topics such as emptiness, tenets, relative & ultimate reality and bodhicitta.

You can find recordings of Geshe La’s previous teachings through his website