Intermediate Retreats

These retreats provide the chance to delve into certain topics more deeply, receive an introduction to buddhist tantra or take part in lower tantra deity retreat.

Our 2017 Intermediate Retreats

Touching the Void with Geshe Graham Woodhouse: 21st-29th April

Join us for an introductory survey of the writings of the masters of the Middle Way whose reasonings lead to the understanding of the emptiness of inherent existence of all that appears. Learn More 


Nyung Nays with Steff Hill: 3rd-11th May

Nyung nay is a practice of the kriya tantras within the vehicle of vajrayana, and essentially means “fasting retreat”. It is a swift, intensely powerful and effective means of purifying negativities whilst collecting immense amounts of merit. Learn More

Middle Lam Rim Insight Retreat with Geshe Tashi: 30th May-4th June

To fully understand emptiness it is necessary to hear the teachings, reflect long and deep on the meaning,  and when certainty is achieved, meditate in order to transform the understanding from conceptual to non-conceptual. Learn more

The Sound of Many Hands Clapping with Geshe Graham: 24th Sept – 4th Oct

This course is open both to complete beginners and to those who have already been studying this subject. Complete beginners will get all the help they need to get started and others will continue from where they have reached so far. We will follow a daily practice of the sutra form of Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga throughout the course. Learn More

Vajrasattva Retreat with Martin Kerrigan: 1st-9th Dec

There is no negative action that cannot be purified. These negative imprints left in our mind-stream can be purified so that we don’t have to experience the suffering results that would otherwise come, and so we can clear this negative energy out of the way of our spiritual development. Learn more