Advanced Retreats

Advanced retreats are for those who have a deep familiarity with the Lam Rim and are ready to delve much deeper into the more complicated topics of Buddhist Philosophy or take part in Tantric retreats which will usually require an initiation or empowerment.

2017 Advanced Retreats

Vajrayogini Approximation Retreat with Paula Chicester and Steff Hill: 9th July-5th Aug

This Vajrayogini Approximation will involve the recitation of 100,000 mantras and finish with a burnt offering ritual (fire puja) at Land of Joy. Learn more


Kalacakra Mind Mandala Retreat with Andy Wistreich 26th Oct-2nd Nov

This retreat provides the opportunity to progress in Kalacakra practice through practising the Mind Mandala sadhana. For those with no experience of Kalacakra practice, this will give you the context for all Kalacakra generation stage practice. Learn more


Guhyasamaja Retreat with Rhonwen Sayer: 18th-24th Nov

This retreat is suitable for beginners to the practice, but equally for those who are already familiar with it, as an opportunity to come together with fellow-practitioners, to share practice and deepen our understanding of this powerful and complex practice. Learn more