Nyung Nays Retreat (May)

3 – 11 May
Retreat Leader: Steff Hill

Nyung nay is a practice of the kriya tantras within the vehicle of vajrayana, and essentially means “fasting retreat”. It is a swift, intensely powerful and effective means of purifying negativities whilst collecting immense amounts of merit. Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche has said that to do one nyung nay is equivalent to three months’ retreat! The primary purpose of this practice is to generate the mind of enlightenment with which to benefit all sentient beings and as such is rooted in great compassion.

Land of Joy is offering three Nyung Nays. It would be preferable if you can commit to all three. This commitment will contribute greatly to the stability of the practice and enhance the potency of the energy created through it, bringing benefit to not only the participants but to Land of Joy as well.

Full information about the retreat can be downloaded here Nyung Nay . Please do read it before booking.

Please note the retreat itself  has its official start on early morning of Friday 5th and will finish early on Thursday 11th for breakfast. Participants are welcome to arrive anytime after lunch on the Wednesday and stay until the Friday.


About Steff
Steff Hill first discovered Tibetan Buddhism at Kopan in the early 1990s where she sought advice and guidance from Kyabje Lama Zopa Rinpoche, who she holds as being one of her root gurus. Rinpoche always rejoices in the practice of Nyung Nay and Steff has tried her best to develop her understanding of this sadhana through her practice and leading of it since the mid-1990s. She is a long-standing student and practitioner at Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London, where she is well known for her devotion and faith as well as for her preliminary practices. She is a registered FPMT teacher at Foundation level, and is currently studying the FPMT Basic Buddhist programme at Jamyang London in addition to participating in Geshe Graham’s Buddhist reasoning debate groups.