Mindfulness in Nature: a retreat to develop peace and compassion

8  – 12 June
Retreat Leaders: Lynne Knight & Pauline Barber

If you’re suffering from stress or burned-out, join us as we find peace and stillness in the beautiful Land of Joy retreat centre. Let your heart and mind relax in the wide-open vistas of the Northumberland National Park, and in the awe-inspiring stars in this designated Dark Skies Discovery Site. Looking inward, rediscover your connection to nature –as part of nature, and find compassion within.

This retreat will consist of a combination of Mindfulness meditation sessions, discussions and fascinating walks in the beautiful surroundings, either guided or on your own. There will also be opportunities to offer mindful service in the gardens or the kitchen. Mindfulness meditation offers proven techniques to help us get in touch with what we truly feel and think, and thereby connect to the world around us in a more skilful, less harmful way. We can open to the beauty of our surroundings and be nourished by them.

While framed by Buddhist ethical and philosophical values, this is a secular retreat, open to people of any faith, and none. It will be an opportunity to explore meditation and Mindfulness practice in a calm, peaceful, and supportive environment.

Suitable for beginners who want a deeper experience of Mindfulness or for more experienced meditators who want to strengthen their meditation practice and to experience the support of the Land of Joy community, and for those who want to learn more about the wildlife to be found in the 42 acres of  beautiful Land of Joy grounds.

Please bring suitable clothing for being outdoors e.g. wellies/walking boots & raincoat. Also, bring a torch to help discover the nocturnal life in Land of Joy!

This retreat will start in the evening of the 8th June and finish at lunchtime on the 12th June.

About Lynne

Since first meeting the Buddhist teachings more than 30 years ago, I have always been impressed with just how practical the advice is, and how it works, if only I put in the effort. I have especially valued the instruction from teachers dating back to the Buddha himself to check everything carefully against one’s own intelligence and experience.

Personally I have found the practice of Mindfulness to be a key tool in following this advice. Learning to still the frantic busy-ness of my mind, even to a small degree, I have seen clearly the habitual patterns in my thinking and behaviour that keep crashing me against how things really are, causing pain to myself and others. And at times I have touched the deep peace that lies within us all – a true refuge in the storms of daily life.

It is my great joy to share whatever experience I have with others.

About Pauline

PaulineBI first was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism in North Wales in 2003 and quickly received teachings from Geshe Tashi Tsering and HH Dalai Lama the year after. Working at the time in nature conservation, the Buddha’s teachings on compassion to all living beings took on a whole new meaning to me. The opportunity to introduce others to the wonders and importance of all living beings, in all ecosystems has been a passion for me ever since.

Recently working as a volunteer at Land of Joy has been a challenge at times, not least the weather. However, being surrounded by acres of woodland, lakes, ponds and formal gardens has been a real privilege. Land of Joy is teeming with birds, amphibians, mammals and plants including orchids. It is a lovely, spectacular place to practise meditation, mindfulness and compassion in a safe, supportive environment.