Mindful Yoga

19th – 22nd May with Steff Hill & Charlotte Elliott.

Come and join us for a fusion of Mindfulness and Forrest Yoga at Land of Joy in the peaceful Northumberland countryside. 

Life will always present ups and downs – sometimes full of happiness and bliss, sometimes roller-coastering out of control.  Mindfulness meditation trains us to notice the difference between managing and being managed by our constant thoughts, feelings, emotions and intentions.

This awareness can lead to better work and study skills, increased health and sense of well-being, richer relationships and a deep, personal confidence.

Throughout the weekend, we will be practicing:

  • basic mindfulness meditations
  • observing the chatter within; watching thoughts and emotions come and go
  • dealing with distractions; how to relax and let go
  • seeing mental events as flexible; your choice matters!

By the end of the weekend, participants will have a general understanding of what a mindfulness meditation practice is and how it can be used to increase personal well-being.

Forrest Yoga offers a contemporary approach to the tradition of yoga being suited to modern day bodies and life styles.  It is effective for creating healing around physical and emotional injuries and places a strong emphasis on breath to generate energy in the core.  It can help to relax and release tension in the neck, shoulders and hips and is created around inspiring sequencing which is great for building strength, stability and flexibility, while helping to deepen the relationship with your authentic self.  It is traditionally taught in a heated room and encourages the holding of poses for longer, enabling the physical body to release on energetic and emotional levels as well as the physical.

This short retreat includes practicing Forrest Yoga suitable for all levels, offering modifications and hands-on assists, and working towards being in the practice in a struggle-free way, honouring and celebrating the beauty of life and the power of Spirit.


Steff Hill is a Certified Forrest Yoga Teacher and a Shiatsu-do bodyworker registered with The Shiatsu Society.  She has been studying and practising Tibetan Buddhism for over twenty five years.  She is both a recognised teacher in Foundation of Buddhist Thought for the FPMT, an international Buddhist organisation, and a facilitator of the A.R.T. of Fulfilment programme for FDCW, one of the pillars of the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition [FPMT].  She worked as an Academic English Skills tutor in London universities for twenty years and holds an MA in Applied Linguistics from Kings College University, London.


Charlotte Elliott has a background in project management, computing and corporate training, working long-term with organisations such as Shell International and the BBC.  In 2003, she moved on to study Montessori teaching practices and subsequently worked with primary school children who had learning difficulties. In studying Buddhist philosophy and mindfulness meditation, Charlotte became aware of the great potential of meditation to help individuals empower themselves to get more satisfaction, contentment and fulfilment out of their lives.  Since 2011, she has lead several meditation retreats, holds weekly meditation classes and offers a secular programme of mindfulness meditation sessions for schools and corporate clients.

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