Middle Lam Rim Insight Retreat with Geshe Tashi

 30 May –  4 June 

Retreat Leader: Geshe Tashi

Land of Joy is incredibly honoured to be hosting a retreat with Geshe Tashi. Due to our limited resources at this stage in development we aren’t ready to host a large retreat which would necessitate a marquee and many other logistical challenges.

Land of Joy’s gompa holds a maximum of 25 persons. So we requested a very special retreat, which will be restricted to those who have attended Geshe Tashi’s teachings on Essence of Eloquence or Middle Lam Rim Insight Section by Je Tsong Khapa in either Jamyang London, Leeds or Bath.

In order to be admitted to this retreat you need to both book on the website and write to Land of Joy’s spiritual programme coordinator (spc@landofjoy.co.uk) stating how many of Geshe Tashi’s weekends on Essence of Eloquence, or teachings on Middle Lam Rim Insight Section you have attended, and where. We hope to be able to offer places to everyone who applies, but there may be a waiting list.

We sincerely apologise to all those of Geshe Tashi’s students who don’t get to attend this, his first retreat at Land of Joy. Fortunately there are other opportunities for you hosted by Jamyang London and Leeds. In future, with more resources, we plan to host larger retreats at Land of Joy.

Those eligible to attend this retreat will already know how very challenging the teachings on emptiness contained in Essence of Eloquence and the Middle Lam Rim Insight Section are. To fully understand emptiness it is necessary to hear the teachings, reflect long and deep on the meaning,  and when certainty is achieved, meditate in order to transform the understanding from conceptual to non-conceptual.

This is a huge process, but it is one that Land of Joy exists to support. In 2017 we have three retreats on emptiness – the other two being with Ven Robina and Geshe Graham. Tsong Kgeshe-tashi-tseringhapa’s Essence of Eloquence and Middle Lam Rim Insight Section are among the most thorough and profound texts on  the topic ever written.

If you are eligible and able to attend this special retreat, please book your place, and do the reflection on the teachings you have received as thoroughly as you are able, in order to maximise this opportunity to meditate with Geshe Tashi’s skillful guidance.