Meditation, Mindfulness, and Making Life Meaningful

16 – 19 June

Retreat leader: Venerable Amy Miller

This retreat is for anyone interested in creating a better life for him or herself, family, community and wider society. By becoming a fuller individual, we have more to offer others, and may enjoy the spirit of togetherness with those around us. This gives us energy and vitality.

Venerable Amy is a popular American nun with a down-to-earth, humorous and delightful warmth in communicating the essence of the buddhist path. Of the retreat she herself says,

Bring more calm and joy to your life with a consistent meditation practice; discover resources within you that lend to more mindful approaches to everyday living. 

Meditation instruction and practice will be offered along with insightful techniques for de-stressing and inviting more gratitude and compassion into your life.

The retreat begins with supper on Friday and ends with lunch on Monday. This retreat will appeal to people from all backgrounds and levels of experience in meditation. Please bring your friends.

About Ven. Amy

Ven. Amy Miller at Tibet House on October 2, 2016 in New York City.

Amy J. Miller (Ven. Lobsang Chodren) first encountered Tibetan Buddhism in the spring of 1987 during a course at Kopan Monastery in Nepal. Since then, she has spent a great deal of time engaged in meditation retreats, study, teaching, and Buddhist center management throughout the world. Prior to meeting the Dharma, Amy was a political fundraiser in Washington, DC and also worked for Mother Jones Magazine in San Francisco, California.

Amy was ordained as a Buddhist nun in June 2000 by the great Tibetan master, Ven. Choden Rinpoche, and has been teaching extensively since 1992. Her teaching style emphasizes a practical approach to integrating Buddhist philosophy into everyday life. She is happy to help people connect with meditation and mindfulness in an effort to gain a refreshing perspective on normally stressful living. Amy’s courses and retreats focus on establishing and maintaining a meditation and mindfulness practice, death and dying, overcoming anxiety and depression, battling addiction, dealing with self-esteem issues, and cultivating compassion and loving kindness.


Based in the United States, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Amy teaches and leads retreats and pilgrimages around the world. Her teaching schedule and other information can be found at  The next pilgrimage Amy is leading is a trek October  2018 to Lawudo Retreat Centre in the Mount Everest region of Nepal. A 4-day retreat will be included along with a visit to Lama Zopa Rinpoche’s birthplace. See Amy’s website  for more information.

Amy is the co-author of Buddhism in a Nutshell and a contributor to Living in the Path, a series of online courses produced by FPMT.