2017 Programme


Middle Lam Rim Insight Retreat with Geshe Tashi: 30th May-4th June

To fully understand emptiness it is necessary to hear the teachings, reflect long and deep on the meaning,  and when certainty is achieved, meditate in order to transform the understanding from conceptual to non-conceptual. Learn more


Mindfulness in Nature with Lynne Knight & Pauline Barber: 8th – 12th June

Let your heart and mind relax in the wide-open vistas of the Northumberland National Park, and in the awe-inspiring stars in this designated Dark Skies Discovery Site. Looking inward, rediscover your connection to nature –as part of nature, and find compassion within. Learn more


Meditation, Mindfulness & Making Life Meaningful With Ven Amy: 16th – 19th June

This retreat is for anyone interested in creating a better life for him or herself, family, community and wider society. By becoming a fuller individual, we have more to offer others, and may enjoy the spirit of togetherness with those around us.  Learn More

Owning Your Own Death – A Buddhist Approach With Ven Mary: 23rd – 26th June

How we deal with death, is an expression of our wisdom, courage and compassion. In this retreat, we will explore the buddhist approach to death, highlighting wisdom and the methods which lead to embracing and owning our own death. Learn More


Vajrayogini Approximation Retreat with Paula Chicester and Steff Hill: 9th July-5th Aug

This Vajrayogini Approximation will involve the recitation of 100,000 mantras and finish with a burnt offering ritual (fire puja) at Land of Joy. Learn more


Lam Rim Retreat with Ven Mary Reavy: 11th-25th August

Take advantage of this opportunity to immerse yourself in these pivotal teachings and meditations on the Lam Rim, the graduated path to enlightenment. Participation in discussion groups with time for Q&A will enhance your meditation experience. Learn More


The a.r.t. of Fulfilment with Steff Hill and Ros Broughtflower: 8th-17th Sept

A systematic enquiry into how to live a more fulfilling, meaningful and happier life through exploring the ideas of inner happiness, good heart and clear mind. Learn more


The Sound of Many Hands Clapping with Geshe Graham: 24th Sept – 4th Oct

This course is open both to complete beginners and to those who have already been studying this subject. Complete beginners will get all the help they need to get started and others will continue from where they have reached so far. We will follow a daily practice of the sutra form of Lama Tsongkhapa Guru Yoga throughout the course. Learn More


Kalacakra Mind Mandala Retreat with Andy Wistreich 26th Oct-2nd Nov

This retreat provides the opportunity to progress in Kalacakra practice through practising the Mind Mandala sadhana. For those with no experience of Kalacakra practice, this will give you the context for all Kalacakra generation stage practice. Learn more


Guhyasamaja Retreat with Rhonwen Sayer: 18th-24th Nov

This retreat is suitable for beginners to the practice, but equally for those who are already familiar with it, as an opportunity to come together with fellow-practitioners, to share practice and deepen our understanding of this powerful and complex practice. Learn more


Vajrasattva Retreat with Martin Kerrigan: 1st-9th Dec

There is no negative action that cannot be purified. These negative imprints left in our mind-stream can be purified so that we don’t have to experience the suffering results that would otherwise come, and so we can clear this negative energy out of the way of our spiritual development. Learn more