Ganapati Mantra Recitation for Success of Land of Joy

  Ganapati-CroppedDuring his visit to the UK in July 2014, Lama Zopa Rinpoche visited Greenaugh Hall. He recommended a new practice for creating the merit for the success of Land of Joy, namely the Ganapati Mantra for success. In July 2015, Rinpoche confirmed that the practices recommended for setting up Land of Joy continue to be effective in ensuring the continuing success of the centre. Following the initial successful fundraising to purchase the property, and doing well during the first year to sustain ourselves, Land of Joy is currently challenged financially with both its regular monthly income to cover running costs, and its capital for such essential works as fixing the roof and a new septic tank. Additionally there is the ambition for the Kurukulla statue (‘for success’) and the refurbishment of the coach house to be realised as soon as possible.

In order to help create the positive energy for all of these projects to be realised, join us in the Ganapati mantra recitation.

Our target is to have  108 people, each reciting 7 mantras a day, starting on Saka Dawa, Buddha’s birthday (May 21st) and ending on November 20th, with a target of 108,000 recitations. But the more the better!

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You can pledge mantras by completing the online pledge form

You may listen to a recording of the recitation of the practice here: Ganapati Mantra and download a printed copy here: Ganapati Mantra for Success.


Each time you stop your recitations, please take a moment to dedicate the energy of the practice for the well-being and ultimate happiness of all beings, for peace in the world, and for all the conditions to come together for Land of Joy’s success as quickly as possible.

One way to do this is to imagine gathering all of the positive energy created by the mantra into a powerful beam of brilliant light which shines from your heart, going throughout the universe. This light brings happiness and well-being to everyone. Then think, May this positive energy help to support Land of Joy, perfectly and as quickly as possible.

Traditional dedication prayer

Ge wa di yi nyur du dag
Due to the merits of these virtuous actions

Pag ma drol ma drub gyur nä
May I quickly become like Tara

Dro wa chig Kyang ma lü pa
And lead all beings, without exception

De yi sa la gö par shog
Into that enlightened state