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LZR 7.12

Special meritorious practices for Land of Joy recommended by Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche


During his visit to the UK in July 2014, Lama Zopa Rinpoche visited Greenaugh Hall. He recommended a new practice for creating the merit for the success of Land of Joy, namely the Ganapati Mantra for Success. This is a short practice. Although the mantra is a little longer than usual, it is only necessary to recite it three or seven times daily. You may listen to a recording of the recitation of the practice here: Ganapati Mantra


It is very important to recite these mantras: Buddhas Name and Mantra for Success:

Chom dan da de zhin sheg pa / sa zin gyalpo la / chag tsal lo

Ta ya tha / om dari dari /daranyi bendah /soha

Anyone who recites the names of this tathagata and who memorizes the words of this mantra will have all their wishes fulfilled.  (Lama Zopa Rinpoche)

Everybody recite one mala not only for Land of Joy, but also for any wish they have for success, especially to achieve paths and achieve enlightenment for sentient beings, this is what come out good to recite.” (Advice received in February 2013) Therefore we urge all our Buddhist supporters to recite these two mantras for at least one mala (108x) each, in order to help create the causes for Land of Joy to manifest. It is also possible to interpret this advice as being to recite one mala of each mantra every day. At first it takes around five minutes for each mantra, so around ten minutes in all. However, once you learn them the repetition becomes much faster, which happens after a few days. Click here to listen to a recording of the mantras being recited. It is advised that you try it out for a few days before planning to recite them daily as it is hard work, and requires dedication to maintain such a commitment. Please email to report that you are undertaking this daily commitment (likewise if you later quit.) We are very fortunate and profoundly grateful to receive such specific advice. Rinpoche has considered our request for special practices to create the causes for Land of Joy and this is his latest advice. If you have confidence in Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche, please think seriously about doing these practices for Land of Joy.


1. FPMT Protector Prayers including Tea Offerings These are suitable for those practising Highest Yoga Tantra. They are very powerful practices, and take 20-30 minutes to recite. Land of Joy is very grateful to any supporters willing to undertake these practices regularly. If you would like to receive a copy of the practices in PDF, and advice on particular ritual objects required etc, please email
2. Torma Offering to White Dzambhala On the advice of Kyabje Zopa Rinpoche and due to the generosity of an anonymous benfactor, Land of Joy commissioned a set of very beautiful statues of White Dzambhala and Four Dakinis, and also commissioned a translation of the torma offering ritual. The ritual may be undertaken by anyone with any tantric empowerment – apart from those in the Vajra family of Kriya Tantra, which are not deemed sufficient.  It takes around five minutes to recite. Land of Joy is again very grateful to any supporters willing to undertake this practice daily. If you would like to receive a fine quality print of Land of Joy’s statues of white Dzambhala together with the Four Dakinis (original photo by Robin Bath) for your shrine, together with a PDF of the ritual text and advice on practice, please email