Merit Making

Buddha statue at Varanassi - Deer Park

Merit making is a way of creating the causes for Land of Joy to be actualised. It means to generate positive potential through virtuous activity that is then directed or dedicated to the purposes of enabling Land of Joy to be funded, located, and built and to be harmonious.

This works through a process of subtle interaction or interdependence. The process is similar to the way that prayers for the sick can help them towards recovery. When many people building up a stock of such positive potential (traditionally called ‘merit’) there will be a result that accords with the causes and intentions.

Whatever the merit-making activity, the motivation is of paramount importance. Why do we want Land of Joy to happen? To benefit sentient beings. Because Buddhists consider every living being to be valuable our intention is to help everyone – humans, animals and all other beings – either directly or indirectly. With this motivation, the positive activities that take place at Land of Joy will result in unlimited benefit. By helping this to happen you will also create much benefit in your own life.

Bodh Gaya Stupa

There are many types of merit-making activities already carried out to bring Land of Joy into being. Many have offered prayers themselves, or have sponsored prayers in monasteries in France, India and Nepal. Others have sponsored statues and robes to offer to the Buddha statue at Bodhgaya. Others have made dedications of retreats, of ordination, of mantras.

Actually all voluntary activity for Land of Joy, if carried out with a motivation to benefit others, is meritorious.

There are specific Buddhist practices recommended for making merit to bring about Land of Joy, by Lama Zopa Rinpoche. If you would like further information about these please contact the project by email ( or by phone 07706772365.