Staff imageEveryone working at Land of Joy is a volunteer.

The volunteer culture of Land of Joy is rooted in a deep understanding of the requirements of retreatants for reliable support, including provision of wholesome food and the other necessities of daily living as well as protection from all kinds of interferences.

Spiritual growth and positive retreat experiences depend on a supportive atmosphere of harmony and warm-hearted open communication between volunteers and retreatants.

Thus, the attitude of the volunteers is crucial to the success of the centre, and this in turn depends on good leadership. This is based on having six full-time volunteers in key roles such as director, spiritual programme coordinator, housekeeper, estate manager, gardener and administrator, providing leadership to a number of part-time and temporary volunteers.

We are developing a range of volunteer management procedures to ensure that volunteering at Land of Joy is a positive experience.

Guidance and instruction for retreatants and respect for a practitioner’s capability and level are also important. Our Retreat Adviser, Ven Paula Chichester (Lhundrup Nyingje) is a very experienced retreater. She is giving advice on the support for, and environmental needs of, retreatants.

Our volunteers include experienced retreaters who will be available to lend additional support if required.